EMC InfoArchive

EMC InfoArchive provides a unified enterprise-wide archive that supports the archiving of data in any format from any system.  InfoArchive ingests structured data, unstructured content, print streams and XML – from a multitude of applications – at the same time.

Archiving this data reduces your costs for storage, servers, operations and database licences.  Moreover, for legacy or obsolete systems where the data is inactive, the archive can be implemented and the system then retired yielding dramatic ongoing savings.

InfoArchive meets the challenge facing businesses to maintain their data in an environment of rapidly increasing information and a growth in regulatory requirements.  InfoArchive delivers the ability to:

  • Store and manage any content type with enterprise scalability.
  • Manage business content based on internal retention policies.
  • Provide auditability to meet the broad swathe of regulatory requirements.
  • Store information in an open, industry-standard format for long term retention and easy accessibility.
  • Retire legacy systems while retaining the data within them.

EMC InfoArchive Features

Single Unified Archive

InfoArchive represents archived information as XML objects, making unified access, query and reporting both fast and easy.  Tens of billions of objects can be archived, reducing cost of ownership.  The benefits of archiving with InfoArchive are cumulative, so cost savings increase the more you archive.


InfoArchive helps meet compliance requirements such as retention, data encryption, electronic signature and time-stamping.  It also supports PCI data security standards and complies with the Open Archive Information System standard (OAIS).

Fast, Flexible User Access

InfoArchive provides unified access to the archived information so that authorised users such as auditors, partners, employees and customers can quickly find the information they need.  Users can search for information across multiple applications concurrently with search times of mere seconds for enterprises that archive millions of documents and data records per day.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

The InfoArchive unified approach to application archiving reduces costs, satisfies compliance regulations and enables application decommissioning in an efficient and scalable enterprise solution.

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